Fish shooting games. The most popular gambling game of the new generation.

Fish shooting game is a game that is considered to be very fun as well as playing pictures or beautiful graphics to play as well. And you can play Through mobile phones easily. In addition, Can still make money From playing the game as well

Fish shooting games

And because the fish shooting game It’s a game that can be played easily, without being too complicated. Therefore is very popular, which can be played by both men and women, can be called all ages and also in terms of the rate of payment received Quite very good

The most popular fish shooting game in Thailand.

In the game of shooting fish Open for service There are many definite forms. Each game will have different game formats. But most Betting style Will be similar, will differ only in the graphics, including the appearance of the fish, the rate of payment, so we want you to know first how each game is

1. Fishing Star

Is a traditional game With origin From Ying Fish game In the beginning Before there was a new fish shooting game that was followed later, the advantage is that there is a very easy-to-play style.

2. Fish Hunter

The style of play Is very similar to Fishing Star, but just change the graphics a little and add more characters Various additions, including Wukong and characters from the Three Kingdoms story, to add to the modernity. And more exotic. The advantage is that fish will die easier than Fishing Star and the new characters added Will have a pay rate Better too

3. Ocean King

Is a new age fish shooting game that has been modified The story of the graphics to be more realistic and beautiful. The popularity is quite high because there are new colors to play and have a very good pay rate. Of course, the fish die easily as well, can make a good profit.

4. Ocean King II EX

This is a further development from the Ocean King by adding more fish features and special assistants, which will give you a chance to win more easily. Much more than before

5. Dragon Palace: Wukong

Developed from Ocean King II EX is a fish shooting game. More fun by adding a new system that will allow you to have a chance to win and make profits from the game easier. The highlight is the newly added characters, gods, dragons, princesses, etc.

How to play fish shooting games in the beginning.

The fish shooting game mentioned above. Is a game that is fun in all forms, but depending on what you like to play only, and we, as the number 1 provider in Thailand, UFABET-BEST must have something to offer everyone. Basically, playing is similar. Let’s get to know each other. Exactly how to play Basic Fish Shooter How to play

1. Start placing bets for fish shooting games.

When you enter the fish shooting game and choose a position Stationed Already, the first thing you need to see is to place bets. To place a bet, click + or – to increase or decrease the amount you will bet.

The amount you bet will be equal to 1 shot, and for the minimum or maximum bet depends on the conditions that each game will specify. Before you start playing that game

2. Using a gun

You will use the gun. There are 2 types of fish shooting: normal gun and electric gun. You can change the gun by pressing only one gun. There will be a form of use. Different, ordinary guns will suit you Used to shoot fast and fast fish, and the electric gun is suitable for firing a single fish or focussing on bosses.

3. Playing fish shooting

When you place a bet and choose the gun that you will use, then comes to the fish shooting method, which will not be much of a hassle, just by tapping the screen. In the position you want and the gun will automatically fire at that point. If you want to fire next to each other, you can press and hold straight away.

4. Paying the fish shooting game

Each fish has a different or higher distribution rate, and to kill each fish is not equal. In some fish, a fixed rate of payment, some with a rate of Paid randomly

For the method of calculating the rate of payment in In the case of killing a fish, think like this: the amount you bet x the fish payout rate That you can kill Is equal to the amount of money That you will receive in this time, as for other payment rates You can see more. In the details of each game, don’t worry about this at all

Entrance to play fish shooting game, UFABET sent straight to your hand 24 hours.